Vegas Photoshoot

The F.O.W.F will be having a Vegas themed photoshoot Sunday March 31st at our headquarters downtown Kitchener. For any girls who are interested in being a part of this can fill out an application on our Divas page.

F.O.W.F live @ Capers Sports Bar – Kitchener, ON

F.O.W.F will be having our first of 3 events at Capers Sports Bar located at 1 Queen St. N., Kitchener, ON! $1000 in cash and prizes for the best amateur. Those interested must register online at in order to be eligible. Please visit the Event Listing page for more information

F.O.W.F model Brandy Blazing auditioning for new MTV/Much Reality show

Our very own F.O.W.F Diva Brandy Blazing will be auditioning for a new MTV/Much Music Reality show called “MTV Creeps”. We at F.O.W.F are incredibly excited about this and look forward to what this future endeavour has for both Brandy and the F.O.W.F. Details will be posted upon confirmation.

Shows & Photoshoots for 2013

The F.O.W.F will be delivering a number of shows for 2013 as well as themed photoshoots for all of our Divas. Visit the Event Listings page for more details!