F.O.W.F @ GenreCon!

The F.O.W.F will be at GenreCon this year at the Delta hotel in Guelph, Ontario. Come get your geek on with the F.O.W.F!

Excerpt taken from the official GenreCon website:

“The soul of GenreCon is a celebration of geek culture in Action, Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction. An idea that geeks can come together, anytime, anywhere, to enjoy and revel in what it means to truly be a fan.

I guess you could say our mandate is “Bringing fans together to be the best fans they can be!”

GenreCon will be bringing together our community, all of us like-minded individuals passionate about celebrating “what makes us geek?” Included in the party are invited guests… artists, actors, cosplayers, musicians, film producers, authors & writers… just about anybody in industry experts that we enjoy the what they contribute to geek culture. Add in some choice exhibitors and dealers, publishing houses and media companies, and the wheels that make the geek industry tick.”

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